David M. Buisán is a freelance illustrator based in Barcelona (Spain). 
He is currently working on a range of projects for magazines, book publishers, ad agencies, online press and collaborations with other artists. He has published his artwork in spanish trends H Magazine, El Barcelonés and in Cinemanía Magazine. Some of his clients have been: Esquire UK, Damm Beer group, Nivea, Ryanair, Virgin, UMTV, Bess nyc, Maxim Magazine USA and Hearst group. He also took part in some exhibitions: Fearless Project at Geoff Gallery NY (June 2010), Loft is in the Air in Barcelona (July 2010), Moda Pan in Pantocrator Gallery (Dec 2010); and he has been recently featured on Lürzers Archive 200 Best Illustrators 11/12.

David M. Buisán (Barcelona, 1977) es un ilustrador que trabaja como freelance en publicidad, prensa, revistas e internet, y en colaboraciones con otros artistas y diseñadores. Algunos de sus clientes han sido: Esquire, El País, grupo Damm, Nivea, H Magazine, El Barcelonés, Ryanair, Virgin, UMTV, Bess nyc, Maxim USA, el grupo Hearst y recientemente, la revista Cinemanía. Ha formado parte de varias exposiciones: Fearless Project en la Geoff Gallery de NY (Junio 2010), Loft is in the Air en Barcelona (Julio 2010) y Moda Pan en Pantocrator Barcelona (Dic 2010).




E-mail: dmbuisan@gmail.com

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